Andrii Soldatenko

Andrii is a blogger and speaker as well as an expert back-end developer with Python/C and Golang. He has extensive knowledge of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform as well. He also has an interest in databases; you can find his talks about full text search and SQL optimization based in PostgreSQL at a number of Python conferences. I created a social network based in Elasticsearch for smart matching between similar user interests.

SQL Python C Facebook Open Graph API Elasticsearch JavaScript Golang Django Django ORM Django REST Framework Twitter API LinkedIn API AJAX Red Hat Linux PostgreSQL
Python: 7 Years
SQL: 7 Years
Bash: 7 Years
Django: 5 Years
JavaScript: 3 Years
Elasticsearch: 3 Years
Golang: 2 Years
Docker: 2 Years
A simple todo list application that I created.
A simple todo list application that I created.
High-performance functional tests based on Selenium for Django projects.
Gave a talk on high-performance functional tests based on Selenium.
Dive into full text search with Python -
There are a lot of books and publications about continuous integration. But in my experience, it’s difficult to find information about how to open quality gates between automated tests and to continuous integration practice to in your current project. After reading several articles and even a couple of books, you will understand how to work with it. But what next? I will share with you practical tips and tricks on how to lift the curtain to your automated tests before a continuous quality practice today. It is for this reason that I am pleased to share with you my acquired experience in my presentation.
Automated functional tests based on Selenium for Django projects.

The Most Amazing...

..and useful website I've made acts as a proxy between iCloud Calendars and Google Calendars to allow iCloud Calendar events to appear on a Google Calendar.

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