Artem Galtsev

Artem is a web developer and programmer with 9+ years of experience working within large companies and on his own. He enjoys working on interesting and challenging projects that enable him to apply and further his skills, and looks forward to taking on new projects.

PHP JavaScript SQL Windows Git CSS MySQL jQuery Mac OS Perl Java Adobe Photoshop Agile Software Development VK API Symfony 3
PHP: 8 Years
MySQL: 6 Years
JavaScript: 6 Years
CSS: 5 Years
HTML: 5 Years
SQL: 5 Years
Perl: 4 Years
jQuery: 2 Years
This is a Russian UGC entertainment website allowing users to post, comment, and rate each other. It accumulates approximately 3000 unique views per day.
A social network for artists.
Developers sometimes run into tasks that require access to email mailboxes. In most cases, this is done using the Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP. As a PHP developer, I first turned to PHP's built in IMAP library, but this library is buggy and impossible to debug or modify. So today we will create a working IMAP email client from the ground up using PHP. We will also see how to use Gmail's special commands.

The Most Amazing...

..and useful website I've made acts as a proxy between iCloud Calendars and Google Calendars to allow iCloud Calendar events to appear on a Google Calendar.

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