Jeff Marin

With 30+ years working as an engineer, project manager, and director, Jeff is able to combine exceptional communication skills with superior technical abilities. While working in the high-tech, financial, entertainment, manufacturing, and medical industries, he has built a large store of knowledge.

Java Windows Node.js JavaScript CSS C# C++ C Visual Studio Java EE MySQL SQL Server Agile Software Development SpringjQuery
Java: 14 Years
JavaScript: 13 Years
MySQL: 10 Years
C#: 7 Years
C++: 7 Years
C: 5 Years
Node.js: 3 Years
MongoDB: 2 Years
I developed an iRise Studio plugin that injects introspective JavaScript into any existing web page, to ascertain its contents, and then recreates them in iRise studio.
iRise CodeGen creates software code from iRise simulations, and can reduce customer efforts to create code by up to 70%.
Accounting System for the Entertainment industry, consisting of over 500K lines of Java code.
A business rules engine is a tool for executing business rules. Business rules are composed of facts and conditional statements. Any “if-then” statement that appears in traditional business logic qualifies as a business rule.

The Most Amazing...

..and useful website I've made acts as a proxy between iCloud Calendars and Google Calendars to allow iCloud Calendar events to appear on a Google Calendar.

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Brilliant technical skills is not enough. Jeff has amazing behavioral skills.

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