Ken Roe

Ken is a highly skilled Software Engineer with over twenty years experience. He has been running a small company that develops and sells mobile apps, and is especially good at Python, Objective-C, and Swift. He is currently working on a PhD in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University.

C Objective-C iOS Mac Python Java C# Android Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator PHP SQL MATLAB Windows Linux
C: 20 Years
ML Programming Language: 10 Years
Prolog: 6 Years
Python: 5 Years
iOS: 5 Years
Objective-C: 5 Years
Mac: 4 Years
Smart Recorder is an audio recorder I developed for iOS. It allows both recording and editing and provides a wide variety of features such as auto-pause (temporarily stop recording when the room is silent) and multi-speed playback (with pitch correction).
Smart Recorder also features a transcription service that converts voice to text.
Smart Swipe keyboard is a custom keyboard for iOS. It allows entry of words by dragging from the first to the last letter and provides the ability to customize the keyboard's colors or to add a background image.
Transylvania is an adventure game. It was originally released on the Apple ][ in the 1980s. I co-developed a port of this game for iOS.
ipc3 is an app I developed for the Johns Hopkins medical center. It gives cancer patients information on treatment options.
CoqPIE is an IDE I developed for the Coq theorem prover. It is available on GitHub at
PEDANTIC is a Coq framework I am developing to model the behavior of imperative programs.
Both these projects will form key pieces of my PhD thesis.

The Most Amazing...

..and useful website I've made acts as a proxy between iCloud Calendars and Google Calendars to allow iCloud Calendar events to appear on a Google Calendar.

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